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Birth Doula Support

Birth Doula Support Package includes the following:  $800


  • FREE consultation (with mother and any support person)

  • 2 prenatal visits (approx. 2 hours each) in your home or somewhere you feel comfortable, upon agreement to provide services.  Prenatal visits are a time to discuss prior medical history, previous pregnancy/birth experiences, and expectations for your upcoming birth. We will also discuss birthing options, a birth plan, practice positioning, and discuss postpartum information.

  • Assistance creating and writing a Birth Plan and Postpartum Plan.

  • Access to my Lending and Resource Libraries

  • Unlimited access to me via phone or email.  (I will be on-call 24 hours a day during the two weeks prior to your due date through the time you give birth)

  • Labor support will begin when you go into active labor.  I will meet you at your home before you go to the hospital or after you get to the hospital, whichever you prefer.

  • Physical, emotional and informational support throughout late pregnancy, labor and the early postpartum period.

  • After your new baby is born I will stay with you until you are comfortably settled in and have initiated breastfeeding (if desired)

  • Breastfeeding support and referrals to lactation professionals. 

  • 6 hours of postpartum care to be used at your convenience.  Usually 1-2 hours immediately following birth as you get settled in and at least 1 postpartum visit in your home.  Postpartum hours are used to answer questions, recount/share your birth story, observe breastfeeding (if desired) and assist you in anything you may need. 

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