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"I couldn't be more grateful to have had Jenn as my doula. As a first-time mom, the idea of childbirth was pretty scary, but Jenn was able to answer my questions and calm my fears before and during labor. She had so many great suggestions for pain management and keeping the labor progressing and she provided a ton of emotional and physical support. Looking back, I know that I would not have gotten the birth that I wanted without all the help she provided to me and my husband."


"She was a big help when I almost passed out!"


 ~ First Time Dad  

(watching an epidural be placed)


"I had never heard of a doula before I got pregnant, and now I wonder what I would've done without her!  Jenn was incredible.  We met several times during my pregnancy and practiced birthing positions, talked through possible scenarios, asked a lot of questions, and got great information.  When my water broke, she dropped everything and came right over.  She and my husband started doing reflexology on my feet and within ten minutes, my contractions started! It was incredible.  Jenn stayed with us through the 25 hours of labor and several hours afterwards. She was amazing. Never pushy or judging, but a great support and encourager, who also helped us think of good questions to ask the medical staff and had great ideas for labor positions, etc.  We even met afterwards and relived the experience from both of our perspectives, which was so fun. I would DEFINITELY encourage women to invite Jenn into their birthing experience. She was an incredible blessing."


"It was our first pregnancy and we had no idea what to expect even after the classes. Having Jenn there was incredibly valuable to have live feedback and information based on what was happening that second. "

~First Time Parents

"I would DEFINITELY encourage women to invite Jenn into their birthing experience"

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