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Placenta Services

RAW or TCM Encapsulation - $165 

Encapsulation for current Doula Clients - $100

Tincture - $30

Print - $25


I will collect the placenta from your place of birth and return the prepared placenta to you when completed.  I will prepare your placenta in sanitary conditions and thoroughly sanitize all of the equipment before and after each placenta is processed. I 



RAW Method

The placenta is rinsed, sliced thinly, and then dehydrated for 24 hours at 115-120 degrees.  It is then ground and put into capsules. RAW method may be used to increase energy.


Traditional Chinese Method (TCM)

The placenta is rinsed and then steamed with lemon, jalepeno, and ginger.  Once fully cooked the placenta is then sliced and dehydrated before being ground and put into capsules. TCM may be used for calming sensations.



The placenta is prepared into an alcohol solution which is then taken under the tongue or in a drink. Tinctures take several weeks to process. Tincture may be used as a mood boost.

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