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Bereavement Support

During a potential loss (during pregnancy or after birth) I am available to provide support to the family unit in a way that is specifically tailored to meet their needs.  I provide the same comforts as would be given to any laboring woman, by offering an understanding of options and attending to the physical, mental, spiritual, and material needs with the exception of the medical services.  Some of the services I provide include;


  • Listening as you explain your situation and options.

  • Attend the final ultrasound, if chosen.

  • Help you articulate and weigh any choices you may have.

  • Support you in any decisions you make.

  • Rejoice with you at a clean bill of health or grieve with you at a loss.

  • Help friends and family find supportive ways to help.

  • Offer a list of resources including but not limited to; grief support, funeral arrangements, pregnancy after loss support.

  • Take photos of the labor, birth, funeral, or farewell celebration.

  • Gather mementos of your baby and his or her birth including but not limited to; blankets, crib card, hand and foot prints, family portraits.

  • Pray with you, if that is your preference.

  • Write an account of the birth from my perspective.

  • Anything else that will help you and your family in the journey through grief and healing.

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